TopSoil Tips & information

Fixing Dry & Hard topsoil

Dry and hard top soil only really happens within rural locations and within farming. Although we don’t see many farmers looking for advice if you are going to buy a country house then you might need some help in the future.

With many rural locations sometimes soil conditions can make growing and farming a nightmare because of this some topsoil will need some intensive conditioning before you can even begin to plant on.  Never plant crops or plants within dry and hard topsoil as it will be lacking the nutrients your plants need and they will likely just die or grow lacking the colour they are intended to have.

There are a few proven ways you can improve top soil and the amount of dryness it has they will all take time and there is no quick fix without replacing all of the top soil which could be a very costly thing and could still have big issues. Most of the methods will require adding materials that hold and lock in moisture while loosening the soil to allow your plants to grow.

The most common soil which will cause problems is clay soil as this is very fertile but if you look after it and condition it correctly plants and crops will grow within any environment.

How to revive your Hard &Dry Topsoil

To begin with you will need a range of tools which might need to be hired from a professionally gardening company.

·         Tiller or tractor with tilling attachment

·         Leaf mulch

·         Manure

·         Sand

·         Composting items

·         Sprinklers

·         Hosepipes

Now you have these tools you will need to go through a range of steps, firstly you will need to determine what type of soil is within your planting area. This will allow you to understand what conditioning you will need to do to your topsoil to make it plant able.

You will now need to till the soil and combine it with leaf mulch and horse manure all over the area you wish to condition. If you are a home owner and recycle you can spread various materials directly onto the area without having to let them turn to compost.

Now you will need to keep going over the ground with the tiller until it goes deeper into the ground this will help the whole process and will give you a better chance of reviving your garden topsoil. Ensure you water the whole are this will help moisture make sure you have a sprinkler that can cover the whole area.  Let the water sit on your ground overnight to ensure your ground soaks up the moisture.

Now you have done this keep spreading old leafs and other mulch onto the area and continue watering for a week, by the end of the week the soil should be full of nutrients and should be ready to plant on grow in.