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TopSoil when laying Grass Seed

 Most gardeners will be using top soil to help plants grow better in more harsh conditions while this can help most plants gardeners and home owners are beginning to wonder if they will require top soil to grow or patch up there garden.

The answer is yes if you are going to plant some grass seed then you will require some form of topsoil. Top soil will help protect your grass seed against harsh weather conditions and birds that will eat the seed.  You should always ensure you use top soil throughout the grass planting process.

So what is the function and purpose of top soil when you are going to plant grass seed? Well as will all other forms of seed it need to be able to make contact with soil to be able to geminate. If you plan to lay some grass seed then we would advise using about 4 inches of top soil in all areas the seed will be laid. 

Make sure the area you plan to lay lawn seed is even and then begin to lay your top soil, now you have laid the topsoil you can spread an even amount of grass seed when you have done this simply rake over the area until all of the seed has a nice even spreading over top soil over the seed.

Top soil has a range of benefits and can be used to a range of tools when it comes to laying grass seed, if you plan to simply patch up your lawn then you should ensure the whole are is well fertilized. Once you have done this simply lay a few inches of top soil to ensure a good spreading and then sow your grass seed on top of this.

When you are going to plant any area of grass please ensure you use quality top soil failing to do so could result in your new lawn looking more like a weed plot as if you use cheap top soil it can damage the current soil and not provide enough nutrients to help protect against weeds and other forms of issues your lawn might suffer from.

With any form of lawn laying ensure you give the need seed the best chance and ensure you feed it lots of nutrients, various garden centres will provide small tools which will help your seed to grow thick and green which is the ideal lawn for every home.

As well as watering your lawn and ensuring it gets enough nutrients you need to ensure you can provide the new lawn with germination, while watering the lawn is great within the first few days don’t overdo it as you could see your new grass seed rot and your be back to square one.

Whenever you do water the grass ensure you get down to the very bottom of the top soil we will be talking a fair few inches here but ensuring the grass is watered properly can see you get perfect green thick grass.