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As allot of you might be aware top soil is a great way to improve your soil at home but can it help improve that horrid clay soil which could be damaging your soil as we speak? we are going to talk about the ways in which top soil might be able to help you change the clay soil and help you get a good mixture of soil to plant your veg and plants in.

To begin with you will need to know what clay soil is and how it can affect your garden and your planting plans. Clay soil is very hard and while some robust might be able to make their way through and be able to grow some smaller plants simply wont and will die because of this. We already know that top soil is required to help plants get the bets nutrients they can have and if you have clay soil your garden is likely to lack top soil which is why it is so important to understand how you can rectify this issue and make your garden more friendly to the smaller plants.

Clay soil is very hard to plant in and some plants or bulbs simply won’t have any chance of surviving because of this. Although people think clay soil is all bad it does have some benefits which is why some people choose to leave allot of it and not replace the lot with top soil. Clay soil can keep and lock moisture in very well which makes it very good from that aspect but it simply isn’t very good for planting plants. As you might imagine negatives of clay soil can be massive they include draining slowly, slow warming, very acidy these are to name a few of the issues clay soil might have.

Improving Clay Soil

Improving clay soil can be done very easily and while there are some methods which can cost allot more than others so can be done cheaply and within your own time. Allot of the improvement you could do to your clay soil will be a one off thing and it will only require a small amount of up keep every year just to ensure it still has the stuff it currently lacks.

If you are going to try and improve your chance of making your clay soil better then it’s best to do it all at once rather than small areas at a time while this might cost you more and you will require allot more topsoil it will pay off in the long run. If you don’t re work the whole area you could affect the growing area of your plants which isn’t ideal as you don’t want plants which have only grown to have the size they should have.

Topsoil is the very best way to improve your clay soil having top soil contains all the nutrients etc which the clay soil lacks. Having said this you will need to ensure you have enough top soil to be able to provide all of the clay soil with the ingredients it needs to become richer and more beneficial to your plants.

There is allot of talk about the methods which could help your clay soil but we have done this and it does work although it is a long process and you won’t see instant results adding top soil to your clay soil can help reduce all the acid and provide the soil with the nutrients it needs. It’s so simple to do and will only require about a day to fully change your entire garden. You will need to ensuring you dig all of the top soil in properly to ensure it is all changed if any of the clay soil is left un turned then your plants again might struggle to grow.

What is Topsoil? 04/05/2011
Are you a novice to the gardening world then don’t worry we are going to give you some great tips as to the sort of materials you should be using within your garden and how they can have a great improvement. Topsoil to some people is something they don’t look into for various reasons they might have to pay for it which puts some people off or they simply don’t understand what it means so they don’t pay an attention to it.

We are going to show you what topsoil is which we hope will provide you with a better understanding of why it is so important within your garden. We hope that by informing you about the types of top soil and how they can help your plants that you will think twice before you run away from the thought of having top soil within your garden.

Top Soil!

As you might be aware top soil forms the top layer to your garden it is usually about 8 inches but in some cases can be half this and this will depend on the type of plants you plan on having within your garden.  Top soil is mainly made from minerals and composted material like leaves and waste from small animals. This combined together with other aspects forms a top soil which is full of nutrients and will help your plants get the best food for their growth.

The main benefit of having topsoil within your home is it will help provide all of your plants and trees with the nutrients and food they need to be able to grow to a suitable size. The soil will help lock in moisture and slowly feed it to your plants which are the ideal solution if you want to have the best chance of growing a colourful garden. Topsoil has been used by farmer for many years because of the nutrients it can help provide their crops.

Having top soil

Allot of people think they don’t have top soil and will need to go out and buy it but in fact every single garden will have topsoil although some gardens will need to top this up allot of them to have the required amount of top soil it might be lacking in nutrients and it might be dried up but you will have it and you can look after it in a few simple ways which will help bring it back to life.

If your garden is lacking a few inches of topsoil you can simply buy some from a reliable top soil supplier they will have looked after the soil to ensure it is full of the nutrients your current soil is lacking and they will ensure you have the right amount for your garden.

Costs of Topsoil

Topsoil can be fairly cheap to buy and have within your garden so you don’t need to think about planning a saving spree to be able to have your garden covered with new topsoil. The costs of top soil start from around £20 for about a tonne which should be plenty for any sized garden you can of course by smaller bags of top soil depending on your requirements allot of garden stores should be able to provide you with the exact amount of top soil you require.

 Mould spores are commonly produced by a mature fungus and can be released into the air. The fungi itself is found usually within high concentrations near decaying organic material, making bark mulch is a prime location for mould spores to grow and produce.

Although this might not seem like anything to worry about as bark mulch is grown in your garden if you were to inhale one of these grain size fungi then you could be at risk and could have a small asthma attack or sinus issues. This is more likely to occur to people who have an allergic reaction to mould.

To help get rid of bark mulch mould you will need a few things from within your garden and also some stuff specially hired from a garden landscape company.
  • Black bin bags
  • Garden rake
  • Mulching materials
  • Shovel
To begin with you will need to inspect your garden mulch and mark any areas which seem to have mould growing on them, to do this simply take a white pen and make a small “x” where you can see mould growing.

Get 2 bin bags and place either side of your mouldy bark. Push one of the bags beneath the area which has mould within it and push the mould should leak out and seep onto your black bin bag.

You will now need to seal the bag with some sort of tie or handle bag, once you have done this simply place the bag within a hot dry location an airing cupboard would be an ideal location. The reason we do this is because like any other fungi mould on bark needs moisture to survive so by killing all the moisture we will in effect kill the mould.

Unfortunately you will need to remove any other bark left within your garden on top of topsoil as this could also be affected, to simply do this use a small garden rake and get all of the bark together now you have done this simply bag up the bark and dispose of.

The idea is to kill of all chances of the mould returning to do this we will need to lay material which is less prone to get infected this can be stuff such as rubber or plastic this will help kill off any of the mould which is left within your topsoil.

Now you have your temporary garden mulch simply spread it evenly over your topsoil ensure you have covered all the area and have a nice even spread. To ensure you have a fresh batch of mulch simply turn over the rubber or plastic every month this will help air the old rubber and help combat the fungi. The down side to this is you will have to remove and change your garden mulch every other month to ensure you have no new fungi within your bark mulch.

You can like many other things make your own bark mulch to help save you money but it can be a very long process.

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